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    Vidya Darshan Rana Charitable Trust supports Sri Aurobindo Ashram, New Delhi and contributes annually towards education sponsorship for needy children.


    We financial assistance and supporting in organizing marriage of poor orphan girls.






As a part of belief and dedication towards society, our trust also supported the Indian National under-21 Women’s Hockey team, which had participated in the 4-Nation Lal Bahadur Shastri Hockey Tournament held in New Delhi in November 2011. New Zealand, Australia and Germany were the three other teams that had participated in the tournament.  

We offered this sponsorship not only for the love of the game, which happens to be our national game but also to motivate the Hockey players to perform better on the field.








in collaboration with S. S. Rana & Co.


Script it!


Second All India National Essay Writing Competition

to celebrate

World Intellectual Property Day – April 26, 2013.


On April 26, 1970 WIPO Convention came into force and the day was chosen as the World IP day by the WIPO member states to increase general understanding of what IP really means. Every year this day celebrates creativity, and contribution made by creators and innovators to the development of societies across the globe all the while raising awareness of how patents, copyright, trademarks and designs impact our daily life. This year WIPO has declared Creativity the next generation as the theme of World IP Day 2013.


Script it! - The Essay Competition



Taking cue from this year’s IP Day theme and to give young students an opportunity to understand the role played by intellectual property rights, raise awareness on IP Rights in India, and also to encourage new vision for the next generation Vidya Darshan Rana Charitable Trust in collaboration with S. S. Rana & Co. presents Script it! - The Second All India Essay Writing Competition.

Themes of the Essay(s)-

Young minds are encouraged to focus on the World IP Day theme i.e. Creativity the next generation for their essays and hence may contemplate writing on topics related to IP, innovation, piracy, counterfeiting etc. Some of the suggested topics are:

1)  Protecting IP in the Media and Broadcasting Industry;

2)  Relevance of IP in Social Media;

3)  IP and Comparative Advertising;

4)  IP and Ambush Marketing;

5)  Use of IP to develop effective anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy strategy.

Last date for Submission-

April 20, 2013.

The Process-

1. College and/or School students are invited to submit their essays focusing on themes relating to IP, innovation, piracy and counterfeiting etc. before the deadline of April 20, 2013.

2.  Qualified Experts and Judges appointed by Vidya Darshan Rana Charitable Trust and S. S. Rana & Co. will select the best 3 essays.

3.  Following this the winners will be announced in IP©onnectTM, S. S. Rana & Co.’s weekly newsletter on April 26, 2013.[1]

Rules for Participation-

1.  The competition is open only to School and College students (Students graduating in 2013 can also apply);

2.  The participants shall mention the following on the front page in bold letters –

a) Name of the participant(s);

b) Name of the Academic Institution;

c) Contact details including phone number and postal address;

d) Copy of School/College Id-Card;

    e) Participants should mention Script it! World IP Day- Second All India Essay Writing

        Competition” in subject line;


3.  Entries must be original and in English language only;

4.  Only a single entry will be accepted from one person. Co-authorship (up to 2 authors) is also permitted;

5.  The competition is open to essays of up to 3,000 words for School students and 4500 words for college students. Entries outside the word limitation will be disqualified;

6.  The essay shall be disqualified if it is plagiarized. Due credit should be given to the concerned author and/or publisher(s) in Bibliography and/or Reference, as the case may be, in proper 19th bluebook edition;

7.  Summary of the best essay will be published in IP©onnectTM on April 26, 2013;[2]

8.  The copyrights of the essay shall be vested with Vidya Darshan Rana Charitable Trust and S. S. Rana & Co.;

9.  All entries are to be sent by e-mail to essays@vidyadarshan.com. Participants can also upload their essay(s) on the Script it! ™ web portal at www.vidyadarshan.com;

10.  All entries are to be sent only in MS Word (.doc or .docx) or .pdf format.




1.  The Awards would be given to students in two categories: a) College and b) School;

2.  The winners in each category will be awarded prize(s) worth INR 5,000 along with a certificate and an opportunity to author an article on any forthcoming issue of IP©onnectTM of his/her choice;

3.  Second and third runner ups in each category would be presented prize(s) worth INR 2500 and INR 1500 respectively along with certificates;

4.  Other deserving participants shall also be presented with certificates;

For further information, please write to us at info@vidyadarshan.com  or call us at 91-11-3056 2000.


Note: The competition intends to provide a platform to the students to share their views and to raise IPR awareness among them. The decision of the Judges shall be final. The organizers of the competition reserve all rights to change the date of announcements of the results and/or the date of announcements and publication of the results. The organizers also reserve the rights to withdraw any or both categories of awards if the entries thus received do not meet the aforesaid criteria. The organizers also reserve all the rights for Publication and reproduction of essay/write ups, due credit in this regard shall be given to the author(s).

Click here to submit your essay:


[1] The organizers of the competition reserve all rights to change the date of announcements8f the results.

[2] The organizers of the competition reserve all rights to change the date of announcements and publication  of the results

[3] In case of tie or in case  of co-authored articles the prize money shall be divided amongst the participants










in alliance with S. S. Rana & Co.



First All India National Design Competition

on the occasion of 

World Industrial Design Day – June 29, 2012.


Internationally observed on 29 June, World Industrial Design Day aims to promote the profession of industrial design by highlighting the many ways in which it contributes to the improvement of economic, social, cultural and environmental quality of life throughout the world.  



To celebrate the fifth anniversary of World Industrial Design Day, Vidya Darshan Rana Charitable Trust in alliance with S.S. Rana & Co. is organizing “Creatio” the First All India National Design Competition.


"Creatio" was organized with the aim to raise Intellectual Property awareness in India and help the grassroots innovators, designers, artisans and creators to realize their true potential by providing a national platform to them.  


We received several entries from participants and designers across India and the selected one are displayed on gallery.


The results of the competition are as follows:


Rocking Chair

First Prize Winner - Ajay P Kale

(Pune, Maharastra)

Ring Design

Second Prize Winner – Sharda Kandari

(New Delhi)

Lemon Squeezer

Third Prize Winner – Taral Shah

(Ahmadabad, Gujarat)


Other commendable entry was that of Tanay Vohra.

VDR congratulates all the winners.


The media coverage of the competition can be accessed from here.







This year WIPO has announced to celebrate visionary innovators on World’s IP Day.


In order to give young students an opportunity to understand the role played by intellectual property rights in protecting the work and creation of human mind and intellect & to raise awareness on IP Rights india, Vidya Darshan Rana Charitable Trust in collaboration with S.S. Rana & Co. is organizing an All India Essay Writing Competition on IP relevant theme. The competition will also provide a platform to the students to share their views and would enable them as well as their college in getting national recognition.




World IP Day – First All India Essay Writing Competition

As announced in our Issue No. 15, Vidya Darshan Rana Charitable Trust in collaboration with S.S. Rana & Co. organized the First All India Essay writing Competition on the occasion of Intellectual Property Day. Several entries were received from colleges across India. We were overwhelmed with the response and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the participation. Like they say “The most important thing is not to win but to take part!”, but again there has to be a winner. So without much ado, the names of winners are as follows:

First Prize goes to: Anil Sebastian from National Law School of India University, Bangalore

Anil deliberated on the Compulsory Licensing of Patented Drugs in India. A paragraph of his essay is presented below:

“…When the law confers upon an entity certain legal rights, it is usually because there is understood to be a public interest in the recognition of that right. Intellectual Property Rights are no exception to this general principle. Particularly with respect to inventors and innovators, these rights are awarded so as to reward them for their efforts, and to encourage them to do more of the same in the future. After all, the creation of more such intellectual property is seen to be of value to the public at large. However, there may be situations when the public interest in fact demands that these Intellectual Property Rights be restricted. The expected benefit to the public from the creation of more intellectual property often turns out to be a false hope. In the case of patented, life-saving drugs, this is most commonly because the price that the public needs to pay to gain access to the product is unaffordable. It is in such peculiar situations that the law seeks to reorient itself with the help of tools such as compulsory licensing…”

We also invite Anil Sebastian to author an article in any of the forthcoming issues of the IPConnect.

Second Prize goes to: Deepakar Livingston. P. from I.L.S. Law College, Pune

Third Prize goes to: Sayali Kanitkar and Pragati Deulkar from I.L.S. Law College, Pune

Other commendable entries were of Blessy B Mathew, Neha Wadhwa (from Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal) and of Prashant Kshirsagar.

Our hearty congratulation to all the winners and participants. The prize money and certificates are being forwarded to them.