About us


We strongly believe that the disadvantaged need opportunities  not charity and our focus is to bring about a positive change in the lives of the most vulnerable people of our society. With this aim we partner with grass root programmes. The most valuable asset of such a programme is its commitment to its cause; however what it often lacks is time and the expertise to raise financial and other assistance. At Vidya Darshan Rana Charitable Trust we bridge the gap between such NGOs and corporates or individuals who wish to support development work in the country  thus enabling each  organisation  to concentrate on its core  activity.


With years of experience in the field we have a strong identifying, monitoring and evaluating process of the programmes to ensure a judicious disbursal of the funds & resources.




The life time are:-

  1. Shri Sohan Singh Rana

  2. Smt. Bindra Rana wife of Shri Sohan Singh Rana

  3. Shri Vikrant Rana son of Shri Sohan Singh Rana

  4. Shri Vivek Rana son of Shri Sohan Singh Rana.